The front view of Leeds Market, the largest outdoor market in Europe.

These are some key characteristics of Edwardian Architecture:

Sunshine, simplicity, air = three main characteristics.

Less clutter than in the Victorian era.

When there was ornamentation, it was grounded, as opposed to being everywhere. Further, these decorative patterns were less complex, wallpapers and curtain designs being plainer, too.

As gas and electric light were becoming more prevalent, the colors could be lighter, as they would look better in brighter light.


Houses had wider frontages, so there was often more room for a hall.

A desire for cleanliness in the designs.

There would likely be a vase of flowers on a table complementing the fabrics wallpaper.

Wooden porches with turned spindles were prevalent.

The windows tended to be smaller and leaded, creating a picturesque effect.

Jacobean details–gargoyles, heraldic devices, mullioned windows, studded doors, Dutch gables

Rustic bricks

Rough cast walls

No dado rails

Dado Rail

Stained glasses and door furniture


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